Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NEW - Ultimate deluxe Fingernails Hud

********NEWS ***********
Hello Ladies , Yes after month of work and testing it is finally available  !
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The What ??? Ultimate ? Yes, Ultimate. THE nails hud every SL girls should have in her inventory, because with this one, you don’t need anything else ! You can delete all the old ones ^^
 The Ultimate Hud contains 8 Collections of deluxe  nails : Standard, Glam, Tattoo, Dots, fantasy, fantasy 2, Silver and Gold. Each collection contains 100 textures. Ok, i guess you understand now ! It means you’ll have 800  differents nails textures in one Hud ! AND, it’s not the only thing you’ll have in it : It fits every hand size, 4 nails size (from short to extra long), 3 sets of 3 rings you can mix and match, gemstones and the possibility to recolor your nails one by one !

 4 auto adjusted hand size + manual auto adjuster to  Fits ALL  hand sizes  without having to move the nails yourself , the HUD do ALL for you !
    800 nails textures
    9 Optional rings
    4 nails lenght
    18 gemstones
    Lifetime updates
    Posestand included ( no need to rez it)

"Above is this amazing hud, at the top, you will see the 8 different huds, right now the hud is clicked on standard, now in the middle there is 10 (sets), each one of them then has 10 variations of it. Example shown, set one, *red french tips*, see how it gives you every red you can think of?
There is so much more to this hud, & I will try to be brief, because this is already going to be a long blog, but it needs to be to show you just how amazing this is. To the right of the hud, you will see "hand size", also including an adjuster in case they aren`t perfect, but I can tell you if you are using one of the preset sizes shown, you won`t have a problem at all, they fit perfectly! The next tab is "nail size", that gives you choice of 4 different nail lengths. Next you have rings for both fingers, they include rings for 3 fingers on each hand, you can wear one, two or 3, all or none, the hud allows you to add or remove whatever you want! The last hud is the gem color picker, you can change the color of the stones in the rings to whatever color you want.
You can also change the metal colors on the rings themselves thanks to a color slider included."

(these rings are not from Jamman jewels )

Another example made by liliandra :

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